Pikku Delfiinit, dive in to family exercise!

(Please note that end of this page you find also all exceptions when we are not swimming).

Pikku Delfiinit Swim Club organize goal-directed swim schools. Baby and family swimming, family swim schools, Delfiini’s technique groups and Junior Lifesaver Club for 3 months-15 year old children.

We have one group at a time in the pool. We are recommended by the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation as a ”safe baby and family swimming place”.

Family exercise for over 20 years!

Waves towards a good swimming ability

Baby swimming 3mo.-1.5yr. 

The aim of baby swimming is trying to get the child to get used to water and approaching the water while facing it. 

Improving the child’s sensorimotoric abilities is a key part in baby swimming. 

In our swims we do different exercises regarding diving.

To build up courage in water and different ways to balance bring new challenges to our swims.

We also start practicing fundementals of water safety. 

Our swims our goal-directed respecting the development phases of your child. 


Family swimming for 1-4 year olds ( + possible siblings 3 mo. -8 yr. )

Family swimmings main goal is independent swimming. 

Assistive gear is a central part of family swimming.

In family swimming you will complete  the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federations (SUH) first official swimming bagde. 

Family swim school 3-8 yr. ( + possible siblings 1-8 yr. )

Family swim schools goal is to swim 25m independently.

Swimming abilities are being improved with several different exercises that are performed with the assistance of an instructor and your parent. 

During the family swim school you will complete official swimming badges given by the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federations (SUH)


Delfiini’s technique (for kids that swim 12m without assistive gear, no age limit )

Technique’s goal is to swim 200m, which is the official requirement to define yourself as able to swim. 

In the technique group you will complete several swimming badges by the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federations (SUH).

Sibling group for 3 months-1,5 year olds and their older siblings

The sibling group is baby swimming for for 3 months-1,5 year olds, where the older siblings can take part. 

In Pikku Delfiini’s sibling groups we follow the same approaching method that respects the child’s needs, as we do in all of our other groups as well.

Usually families with a longer experience in baby swimming and/or parenting swim in the sibling group.

Experience is seen in fast situations and usually quicker paced progress, unlike our slow tempo baby swimming.

Cheers of excitement are a part of our swims, just like splashing water and the gentle hug of an older sibling.

In our sibling groups instructors focus on new families starting our swims, without forgetting about the older sister, or brother.


Pikku Delfiinit offer the whole pool for your groups use. We only have one group at a time in the pool. You’re able to change your group for a free one, even every week if you please so. You can use replacement swimmings as long as your customer ship is valid.

In your use are 11 different locations on 7 days a week.

You can start your swims right away!

Pricing starting 01.02.2018

Baby swimming, 30 min New Customers 73 eur/ month, first three months incl. two adults + 1 child

Baby swimming, 30 min 83 eur / month incl. two adults + 1 child

Sibling groups 30 min 83 eur / month incl. two adults + 1 child + 20 eur / sibling / month

Family swimming 30 min 83 eur / month incl. two adults + 1 child + 20 eur / sibling / month

Mom-child -swimming (3 months to 1.5 years) 30min 83 eur / month

Family swimming school 30 min 83 eur / month incl. two adults + 1 child + 20 eur / sibling / month

Dolphins technique 2x30min / week 98 eur / month

Technique 1x30min / week 83 eur / month

Paper invoice 8 eur / month

Invoice by email 0 eur / month

No swimming:

Pe.30.03.-02.04.2018 Easter

Ti 01.05.2018 Vappu ( 1st of May)

To 10.05.2018 Helatorstai

All swimming locations are closed 01.06.-31.07.2018.

In Jakomäki swimming hall is closed 01.05.-07.09.2018  (if you like to swim in our other locations during May and August itś possible).

Kamppi and Itäkeskus is closed 01.06.-07.09.2018  (if you like to swim in our other locations during August itś possible).

Booked swimming time stays in your use until you want to do some changes ( group change or cancelation).

If you want to cancel your swimming time in summer you need to do it online and latest 30.06.2018. Youĺl get email confirmation from your cancelation. If you don´t do anything swimming place is yours in August ( or September depends your swimming location) when swimmings starts again.