7 Swimming places

Pikku Delfiinit Center Hakaniemi, Paasivuorenkatu 3 (Hakaniemi, Helsinki)

P&T Keilaniemi, Keilaranta 4 (Espoo)

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Pikku Delfiinit Center Allergiatalo, Paciuksenkatu 19 (Meilahti, Helsinki)

Kamppi, Malminkatu 3 (Kamppi, Helsinki)

Siltamäki Swimming hall, Jousimiehentie 3 (Siltamäki, Helsinki)

Itäkeskus Swimming hall, Olavinlinnantie 6 (Itäkeskus, Helsinki)

Kauniala, Kylpyläntie 19 (Kaunianen)

As a Pikku Delfiinit customer:

In Pikku Delfiinit swimming classes only one group will have the whole pool at its’ use, always.

You can easily switch your own swimming class to any other swimming place that is in our use – even every week.

The replacement swims can be used at any time while the customer ship is valid, via the compensation menu.

As a Pikku Delfiinit customer, you have 7 swimming places at your use 7 days a week.