Pikku Delfiinit Story

Pikku Delfiinit Oy is a family company founded in 1997. We have been developing our swimming school concept for 24 years. We have experienced in baby swimming and swimming school activity since 1985.

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Pikku Delfiinit history

Kata Heino, the founder of Pikku Delfiinit, has been working on baby swimming for a long time. He is a true pioneer in the field.

“I held the first baby swims in 1985 and I still do it. In 1991, I graduated as a swimming teacher, in 1993 I began my studies as a midwife, and at the same time I did baby and family swimming instruction throughout my studies. In 1997, I went on to do a 6-month internship related to midwifery studies in Brisbane, Australia, and there at Logan Hospital. At the same time, the idea was to get to know the local swimming schools in Australia and get a new perspective on the work of a baby swimming instructor, says Kata about her background.

Kata went to see different swimming schools in Australia and thought she had great ideas for her own teaching. Everything that was done in Australia there in the pool was not usable to us (Finns). On the same trip to Australia, I saw free dolphins swimming in the ocean for the first time and they made a huge impression on me, says Kata. When she returned home, Kata graduated as a midwife and was encouraged to set up her own baby swimming business. After thinking for a while, the name of the company was already ready: “A name that would always remind me of my trip to Australia, when I saw those free dolphins during a cruise,” Kata smiles.

Pikku Delfiinit was founded in 1997. Pikku Delfiinit have kept Kata busy for over 24 years, and her own swimmers have been born in 2000, 2001 and 2005.

Pikku Delfiinit Swim Club

Joy is visible and felt in the Pikku Delfiinit swimming classes. Some of the children are waiting for a swim departure already at home with swimming goggles on.

“We feel that we are doing valuable work. We also work closely with the Finnish Swimming Education and Lifesaving Federation (SUH)”, Kata says.

The main goal of the Pikku Delfiinit Swim Club is to make water a lifelong friend for a child. Pikku Delfiinit work purposefully towards a child’s good swimming skills, as quickly as possible and with respect for each child’s stage of development. Pikku Delfiinit Swim Club allows the child to be in the water from the first class to the first master degree.

The goal of the swimming activity is to make parents the best coaches for their own child. When a family swims together, each child has their own instructor, or even two, each time they join a class. The goal is to learn to help children stay afloat as well early life-saving skills, which are already practiced in family swimming groups. Pikku Delfiinit has multinational groups and the instructors guide the families in English if necessary.

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