Star Dolphins

Star dolphins are intended for more experienced baby swimmers from 3 months to 2.5 years. This group also includes possible older / younger siblings, as well as adults to the pool (1-2 adults). The progression in Star Dolphins most often occur at a faster pace because parents have previous experience handling a small child in the water. Swimming takes place in clean 32 degree water in the presence of a trained instructor.

In our swimming classes you have the opportunity to get to know the basics of water safety. All of our groups respect the child’s stage of development.

What are Star Dolphins all about?

Star dolphins involve families who already have more experience with baby swimming. Star dolphins can also swim with one child but older / younger siblings are also welcome!

We guide families individually as we do in baby swimming, but we also practice things together. Every week there is a changing theme that is practiced – in practice, however, we do a lot during one class.

It is also possible to participate in the Star Dolphins group even if you don’t have baby swimming experience in the background.

Learning to swim consists of the following:

The child gets used to the water; The child relaxes in the water, accepts splashes / water on his or her face. The child knows how to blow bubbles in the water and learns to dive – the child also goes diving independently.

The child learns to float; The prerequisite for floating is to feel safe in the water, to trust, to overcome any fear. We do exercises: Floating on your back with your ears in the water and your arms, legs under water and floating on your stomach with your face under water.

The child learns to slide; In the sliding position you are stretched straight, arms straight in front (thumb grip, face between hands, legs straight together).

The child learns the right kick; With straight legs, e.g., slide and kick, kicking with a swimming board.

The child learns hand traction; At first, hands usually distract than help, but alternating hand traction is practiced together while holding the child’s hands, later the child does it him/herself.

The child learns the breathing rhythm; The child learns to lift his head up out of the water to to take a breath and blow the air out under the water.

While swimming, keep in mind “What our child enjoys the most right now!”

Prices from 98€/month.