Get to know our wonderful staff below!



CEO. Kata has been instructing baby swimming since 1987. She founded Pikku Delfiinit in 1997. In the same year she also graduated as a midwife. Since then baby swimming has completely taken over her. Her own baby swimmers were born in the years 2000, 2001 and 2005. In addition to Pikku Delfiinit Kata works as a baby swimming instructor and is present in the baby swimming committee for The Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving federation.


Staff manager, professional coach. Kimmo is a long term professional coach in swimming. Now we’ve added baby and family swimming, and of course the responsibility of the Pikku Delfiinit technique group. Kimmo is also in charge of staff leadership and our customers. Kimmo has 4 of his own children, all that are familiar with the element of water. He has been rewarded by the Finnish Swimming Association.    


Biller. Riikka is responsible for the bills that are sent out for our customers. Riikka has been working for a long time with children’s events and child related products. We got Riikka in our team in the summer of 2012. In her spare time her three boys with their sports hobbies keep her occupied. Riikkaa can also been seen at the pool as a baby swimming instructor. Riikka also works as a maintenance staff member with a football team.


Swimming teacher. Synne has a lot of experience with instructing swimming. In 2012 Synne was chosen as the best baby and family swimming instructor by The Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation. Sturdy professional abilities and the skill to get along with children planted it’s roots in 1994. Synne has been with Pikku Delfiinit spirit since the start, but as a team member we got her in the year 2000. Synne’s school aged boys enjoy their time more underwater, than on the surface! Her day job and education focus on business.


Swimming teacher. Laura works with water exercise – from babies to seniors. She also works as a swimming teachers instructor in The Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation. She’s started instructing baby swimming in the year 2000. Now in addition to instructing, Laura has also got to take her own princess to Pikku Delfiini’s baby swims.


Swimming teacher. By education Sonja is a physical education instructor and a personal trainer. She’s been working with exercising since 2010. Sonja’s mind rests best in the nature, spending time outdoors and jogging with her dog Bamse. Sonja also trains lifesaving with her dog. Sonja aims to inspire our customers and infect them with the joy of exercise!


Swimming teacher. J-P is happy and humoristic instructor. By education J-P is a physical education adviser and massagist. In addition to swims, his physiotherapist studies will keep him busy. His hobbies are for example ice hockey and fishing.


Swimming teacher. Having moved from Pori to Helsinki, Nea is an efficient package. In addition to swims, Nea is completing her law studies. Besides swimming teaching and instructing baby swimming Nea is also familiar with the job of a lifeguard.


Swimming teacher. Anni works as a physical education instructor in upper secondary level, she also spars future physical education advisers. Her studies focus point is on children’s exercise. Anni also works as a swimming teacher instructor in The Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation. Her spare time is spent in water, or in nature jogging.


Swimming teacher. Milla’s main job is a physical education instructor. She has a long background in club activities as an athlete in track and field and also with gymnastics. We got Milla in our team on spring 2014.


Swimming teacher. Ulla works mainly as a swimming teacher. Ulla says that it’s always delightful to instruct baby swimming, it feels like the whole world stops, and their would be nothing but the pool and the group. Ulla enjoys seeing small individuals, everyone being unique. Baby swimming gives the opportunity to follow the child’s development and progress, which is really rewarding.


Swimming teacher. Salla has been working for several years was an swimming teacher. With us she started as an assistive instructor, then progressing to her own groups. Salla has a degree as a physical education adviser and a community educator. Her spare time is spent with horses and different forms of exercise, paddling and climbing in particular are close to her heart.  


Swimming teacher.     Tiina is a music teacher, who has been working with Pikku Delfiinit for several years. Tiina has two childs of her own, that enjoy their time in water. Free time is usually spent with her children.


Swimming teacher.     Andres is our spanish enforcement on our team. He manages well with Finnish, serving also our spanish customers. Andres has an education as a swimming teacher and a baby swimming instructor.  ____________________________________________________________


Instructor. Siiri has been instructing baby swimming since 2009. By education Siiri is a physical education instructor, but now her days are spent taking care of her own baby swimmers. Adventurous spirit can be noticed from the hobbies she likes doing, such as paddling and tour skating. ______________________________________________________________


Swimming teacher.    Erika studies to be a midwife and has been working with swimming for many years. We got Erika on our team from Lappeenranta and instructing swims brings a nice balance to her life. You’ll be able to see happy Erika in Kauniainen and Heseva. ______________________________________________________________


Instructor. Karoliina is an almost ready physiotherapist, who specializes in problems concerning the pelvic floor. Her biggest passion within sports is dance and swimming, with the newest being pole dancing. Karoliina has also additional studies in pool therapy, Bad Ragaz Ring Method being the latest technique she mastered. Rest of her time she spends jogging with her dog.  


Swimming hall assistant. During the days Outi works as a laboratory technician. Outi has three kids that are already grown up, but babies are close to her heart. Outi is a fitness fanatic, for example cycling, running, zumba, different dymnastic exercises and as a child she was a tough swimmer. Outi is interested in several things and gets excited about something new very easily.


Assistive instructor/ Swimming hall assistant. Juuso studies in a high school, and has been working with Pikku Delfiinit for several years. Excited about swimming instructing, you’ll be able to meet Juuso in Allergiatalo and Wilhelmiina as an assistive instructor. If needed, he works as a substitute for our other instructors.


Swimming hall assistant. Miila is hard working high schooler. Diving is Miila’s actual sport, so working in a swimming hall is natural as it’s a familiar surrounding. Miila is very sporty and social.


Assistive instructor. Minja began as a swimming hall assistant in December 2013. Instructing baby swimming she started in 2015. Her previous experience with Pikku Delfiinit was 20 years ago, when she was one of the swimmers with her parents. In her free time she exercises. Football has been a hobby for her over 15 years.


Assistive instructor. Sari has been instructing baby swimming since 2007, and swim schools since 2004. By education she’s a physical education adviser. Sari has a background in competitive swimming, and that sparked her interest in instructing water exercise. At home Sari has tow of her own baby swimmers. In her free time she swims and exercises with her children and jogs with her jackrussel.


Assistive instructor. As an instructor Minna wants to progress with conditions of the child and the family. For Minna this is more of a hobby than a job. Minna began instructing in 2000. Her day job is working as an elementary school teacher.


Assistive instructor. For Anna, it’s important to listen to the child, and to support the bond with the child and their parents through interactions. Outside the pool Anna works in social services and runs a circus at home with her two small boys and two active dogs. Moving in nature is a big part of her life, just like her friends.


Assistive instructor. Niko has baby swimming experience since the year 2003. At the moment he is working for Pikku Delfiinit as a “constant substitute”. Niko’s so called real job is working as a firefighter. Having a shift orientated job, working as a regular would be impossible, but when the opportunity comes knocking he is always substituting. The latin word lutra lutra (otter) suits him well.  


Assistive instructor. Maarit’s official job is working at housing services for the disabled. Maarit also has two childs at home. She also has time to instruct a exercise club and swim schools.