Get to know our wonderful staff below!


“Kata founded Pikku Delfiinit in 1997.”

Kata has been directing baby swimming since 1987. In the same year, Kata also graduated as a midwife. Since then, the baby swimming has completely taken over her. Her own baby swimmers were born in the years 2000, 2001 & 2005. In addition to the Pikku Delfiinit, Kata works as a baby swimming instructor and is present in the baby swimming committee for the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving federation.  


KIMMO – Staff manager, professional coach

“Kimmo’s motto is “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

Kimmo is a long-term professional coach in swimming. Kimmo is also responsible for personnel management and is in charge of our dear customers. Kimmo has also been rewarded by the Finnish Swimming Federation for his distinguished work within swimming.


RIIKKA – Invoicing

Riikka is responsible for invoicing customers. Riikka has experience on working with children’s events and products. We got Riikka to our team in the summer of 2012. In her free time, Riikkas’ three sons and their sport hobbies keep her busy. 


ALISA – Social media

Alisa is responsible for the social media pages of Pikku Delfiinit. She has created the image for Pikku Delfiinit company online and is working on the campaings and collaborations. Alisa is a competetive athlete and in her free time she loves to hang out with her dog Gito.  


MERVI – Swimming Instructor

“Everyone should be safe when swimming!”

Mervi thinks that the best thing about baby and family swimming is to see the joy of movement and the shared learning experience by a family! Mervi wants to create a happy atmosphere for swimming lessons, which supports individual learning and progress. Mervi is a swimming teacher, a baby swimming instructor and a physiotherapist. Mervi has also previously directed a children’s psychomotor club. Mervi has been a swimming teacher for Pikku Delfiinit since 2017. Mervi learned to swim at the age of five! Swimming was big part of childhood summer holidays, when most of the time was spent in the water. In her free time, Mervi spends time with her family and exercises.

Greetings to swimmers: A warm welcome to baby and family swimming classes – enjoy the time together and the joy of exercise!


ELINA – Swimming Instructor

“I started my swimming hobby at the age of 3 months in baby dolphins in Pikku Delfiinit.”

In Elina’s opinion, the best thing about baby and family swimming is to see the joy of children in the water, to monitor and promote children’s development. Elina has started working in Pikku Delfiinit in 2019. In her work, Elina pays the most attention to sensitivity & individuality. Elina strives to be an approachable, playful, safe, encouraging instructor for children and to connect with children and families. Elina has a training as a swimming instructor and a baby and family swimming instructor. Elina is a sociology student. In addition to swimming, she also works with children outside the pool in kindergarten and orphanage. In addition to studies, work and, of course, swimming, Elina enjoys moving in nature. In addition to swimming, music has been a big part of her life – currently Elina enjoys singing, attending classical singing lessons and playing the piano. Elina relaxes best with loved ones.

Greetings to swimmers: Let’s hug when we meet! See you in the pool! ❤


EVELIINA – Swimming Instructor

“I pay the most attention to the safety and well-being of the family in the pool.”

Evelina thinks it is best to see the joy of children in the water and the moments together in the pool among family members. Eveliina is a teacher. He has been working with Pikku Delfiinit since 2019. Eveliina learned to swim at the age of 5! In her free time, she goes out with her family, especially cycling Eveliina enjoys a lot!

Greetings to swimmers: Let’s enjoy water and swimming together. See you in the pool!


URSULA – Swimming Instructor

“I pay the most attention to water safety and everyone having fun in swimming.”

Ursula thinks the best thing about baby and family swimming is to see the joy of the children when they learn new things or finally dare to do something big for them after several weeks or months of practice. By profession, she is an exercise instructor, swimming instructor, and baby and family swimming instructor. At Pikku Delfiinit, Ursula has been directing swimming classes since 2019. Ursula herself has gone for a baby swim and completed all the swimming badges as a child. Ursula recalls that she has been swimming in a stadium in a 50 meter pool at the age of 6! In her free time, Ursula spends time with her family – she enjoys being outdoors in all seasons!

Greetings to swimmers: See you soon in the pools!


ANDRES – Swimming Instructor

Motto: ”Be water my friend” (Bruce Lee)

Andres grew up in a neighborhood with a pool, so he spent every day in the water every summer. Andres has worked for ten summers as a lifeguard in public swimming pools. In addition, Andres is a CMAS 2 * diver with over 200 dives. Andres really feels comfortable in the water! In early 2017, Andres received the title of swimming instructor and later that year, a baby swimming teacher diploma. Since then, Andres has worked at Pikku Delfiinit!

Greetings to swimmers: Be water and enjoy it!


MILLA – Swimming Instructor

“The first swimming memories of childhood are Saturday morning water rallies and I remember the water was way too cold!”

Milla thinks the best thing about baby and family swimming school is that it offers families moments of joy together in the water. The sincere joy of the children and the pride of their parents is the best. As an instructor, Milla strives to provide everyone a natural way to explore, learn and enjoy the water. Every swimmer is different and as an instructor the activities are tailored to suit everyone. Milla is a sports counselor and sociologist, as well as a baby and family swimming instructor (SUH). Milla started working with Pikku Delfiinit in 2014. In her spare time, Milla enjoys all kinds of exercise. Especially the waters of forests and nature are places where Milla thrives.

Greetings to swimmers: Greetings for all swimmers – See you in the pools!


EMMA – Swimming Instructor

“Emma learned to swim when she was 4 years old. Emma’s parents took her in a beach swimming school, where Emma later worked as a swimming teacher.”

Emma thinks that the best thing about swimming is definitely people and especially the young swimmers. The hobby is a quality time shared by the whole family, and other everyday rush and stess is left out of the pool. It’s wonderful to see child’s swimming skills develop and their courage grow. Working with children is quite the best, as they also give honest and immediate feedback. It is also rewarding to follow the joy of parents in their child’s development. In her work, Emma strives to meet each child as an individual and listen to the family, the child and their wishes, as each of us develops at our own pace. Encouraging even small things is important. Emma is a swimming instructor and baby swimming instructor. She also works in the IT industry. Emma thinks swimming lessons are a great counterbalance to the IT -work. Emma has been teaching swimming with Pikku Delfiinit since 2019. Emma has been working as a swimming instructor for the first time already in 1996 on a beach in Central Finland. During the summer, Emma lived in a cottage by the lake and she completed all possible swimming badges during primary school. Emma is the mother of two little boys. Together, the family enjoys swimming, cycling, downhill skiing and all kinds of adventure.

Greetings to swimmers: Swimming is a wonderful hobby for exercising and an important skill in life. It also allows you to practice many other sports. See you in the pools!


SONJA – Swimming Instructor

In Sonja’s opinion, the best thing about baby and family swimming is definitely to see the joy of children in the water and follow their development. In her guidance, Sonja pays special attention to individual guidance so that each child can experience feelings of joy. Sonja is an professional in the field of sport. With Pikku Delfiinit, Sonja started working in 2017. Sonja learned to swim at the age of 7. In her free time, Sonja enjoys varied exercise; outdoor activities with her dog, playing tennis, downhill skiing, jogging, cycling.


MINNA – Swimming Instructor

“What’s important to me is that each family receives individual and their own levels of guidance in a relaxed, safe atmosphere.”

Minna has been instructing baby and family swimming groups since 2001 and she has been a staff member of Pikku Delfiinit since 2007. Minna is a teacher and she thinks swimming instructors work is also a nice hobby among other sports. Minna emphasizes that baby and family swimming is a family hobby / swimming moment, where different games are used to help the kids learn and strengthen important skills, without forgetting the sociality and interactivity of swimming in a group.


JAVIER – Swimming Instructor

“Parents can strengthen their relationship with their children through a shared hobby.”

Javier believes the best thing about baby and family swimming s is the opportunity for children to develop themselves in water, as it is a safe environment. Javier pays attention to children’s reactions when they dive, make kicks or bubbles, as the first experiences in the water should be joyful. Javier has a professional background in physical education, he is a swimming instructor and trilathon coach. In Pikku Delfiinit, Javier has started in September 2021. Javier himself learned to swim at the age of five during school swimming lessons. In his free time he swims, enjoys cycling, running – trilathon competitions in sight! Javier also enjoys reading books and cooking healthy food!

Greetings to swimmers: Splashy greetings to Pikku Delfiinit swimmers!

Jack – Swimming Instructor
Sabina – Swimming instructor
Leo – Hakaniemi Lobby
Peppiina – Assistant instructor/ Hakaniemi Lobby
Onneli – Assistant instructor/ Hakaniemi Lobby
Ella – Swimming instructor / Hakaniemi Lobby
Jemina – Assistant instructor
Jasse – Swimming instructor / Office
Jooa – Office/ pool technology
Ida – Assistant instructor
Leena – Swimming instructor
Anneli – Swimming instructor
Essi – Assistant instructor
Noona – Assistant instructor
Kaisa-Maria – Swimming instructor
Marja – Swimming instructor
Kirsimarja – Assistant instructor
Lassi – Swimming Instructor