Schedule exceptions

*** Canceling a group for autumn must be done by 30.06.2019. In other cases your swims will continue according to your own group in August starting with your own swimming day schedules 01.08.2019.

Exceptions with opening:

Itäkeskus opens 18.08.2019

Kamppi opens sat 07.09.2019

Sandels opens sat 07.09.2019

Wilhelmiina opens Wed 04.09.2019

For more specific schedules check our websites with the tab info and from their exceptions in schedules.

No swimming:


23.12.2019-06.01.2020 Christmas brake

10.-13.04.2020 (Easter)

 01.05.2020 (1 st of May)

 31.05.2020 (Ascension day)

In case you want to make changes to your membership, you’re able to change groups and cancel your customership from our online booking system.