Pikku Delfiinit Application

With Pikku Delfiinit You also have a digital learning environment at your disposal, which allows you to learn swimming skills faster. You will be able to learn swimming skills even if you are not by the water every day. The digital learning environment can be found from Pikku Delfiinit application.

You can download our application from your own application store!

The application allows you to make registrations and cancellations! The replacement menu is also conveniently available to your disposal in the application!

Story of Delfi Dolphin

How did the Pikku Delfiinit application with online learning environment come about?

Delfi is from the tropical Caribbean Sea, where he lived with his mother Fina, his father Flipper, his sister and brother. Fiina and Flipper were known for being the most skilled swimmers in the Caribbean and transferred this swimming skill to the younger generations – to Pikku Delfiinit!

Unlike Delfi’s sister and brother who loved coral reefs and paddling – Delfi wanted to see the seas of the world and teach swimming! Delfi took the rout to the Baltic Sea and Helsinki, as he had heard that there were a lot of young swimmers in the Helsinki area who wanted to become top swimmers!

Delfi met Kata Heino, the founder of Pikku Delfiinit, and Coach Kimmo in Helsinki. Kata & Kimmo had been considering for a long time of creating a online learning environment for swimmers.

Kata & Kimmo got to know Delfi better. It was clear that with Delfi’s ideas they would create for Pikku Delfiinit their own application and online learning environment – after all, Delfi’s dream had been to teach one of life’s most important skills – swimming skills for young swimmers! Now his dream came true!

With the help of Kata & Kimmo, the swimming teachers of Pikku Delfiinit, Delfi created Pikku Delfiinit own application, where Finland’s first online learning environment for developing swimming skills was created. The application allows everyone to subconsciously learn to swim at a very young age!

In the learning environment, Delfi Delfiini does adventures with swimmers, asking swimmers questions and giving excellent exercises for home practice.

The online learning environment of the Pikku Delfiinit application is a step towards excellent swimming skills!

Dive in!

Dolphin illustrator: Johanna Ristimäki