Pikku Delfiinit offer instructed exercise in water for children starting all the way as baby. We are a trustworthy and professional partner in your families water hobby.

Diverse water exercise and swimming develop your child’s motoric and social skills.

Below we’ve gathered a small guide that helps you to find the right group for your child.  Pikku Delfiini’s waves towards a good swimming ability helps you to understand the different phases and stages of development, and their requirements.

It’s important to find a suitable group for your child, according to his/her stage.

If you have any questions regarding group selections, feel free to contact us.

Waves towards a good swimming ability

Baby swimming (for 3 months – 2.5 year olds)

  • The main goal of baby swimming is to start learning the basics of moving in water.
  • Pikku Delfiini’s baby swimming groups fill the pool with only children and the adults that join along (1-2 adults).
  • Child’s sensorimotoric skills develop.
  • The weightlessness of water enables the child to practice his/her muscular system
  • In our baby swimming the force applied to the child’s joints is much smaller compared to exercise done on dry land.
  • Moving in water improves balance and posture while creating muscle memory which support the shapping of the child’s body.
  • Our lessons provide different stimuli to improve the child’s senses such as  hearing and vision.
  • Coordination improves.
  • You’re able to get familiar with several different diving exercises.
  • We also plan to get you well known with the basics of water safety.
  • Our swims always respect the child’s phase of development.


Delfiini’s stars for 3 months – 2.5 year olds ( + possible siblings from 3 months onwards without an max age limit) = MORE EXPERIENCED BABYSWIMMERS OR FAMILIES WITH SEVERAL KIDS 

  • Progression is usually faster than in baby groups, because families have previous experience in handling small children in water.
  • Delfiini`s stars groups moving can be done through play
  • In Delfiini`s stars groups practice happens with the child’s inner excitement and play, which is common for exercise directed towards children and also for their way to interpret new things.
  • Delfiini`s stars groups motoric skills improve in (motoric skills create a base for movement)
  • Delfiini`s stars groups In we introduce you to assistive gear used in swimming.
  • Delfiini`s stars groups our enables the child the ability of independent movement in water
  • Delfiini`s stars groups uses different themes that change weekly
  • ming group enables the child the ability of independent movement in water.
  • Delfiini`s stars groups uses different themes that change weekly.

Family swim school for over 2.5- with no max age limit (+siblings up from 1 years)

  • Family swim school teaches different styles and strokes used in swimming.
  • Motoric development strengthens (motoric skills create the base for the child’s exercise)
  • Family swim school uses different themes that change weekly.
  • In family swim school your able to complete official swimming badges presented by The Finnish Lifesaving and Swimming Federation (SUH)

Delfiini’s technique group

(for kids that swim 12m without assistive gear, no age limit )

  • Technique’s goal is to swim 200m, which is the official requirement to define yourself as able to swim.
  • In the technique group you will complete several swimming badges by the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federations (SUH).