Practising at home

  • Bathe your child at home at the same time as your group is scheduled to start. Don’t bathe him/her if they’re tired or hungry
  • Fill the tub with a lot of water
  • Lower the water temperature gradually from 37 degrees to 32 degrees.
  • Bathe playfully and talk with a changing tone of voice
  • Bathe him/her on their back, keeping the whole body in water
  • Change the child’s position often, keeping the whole body in water (also the ears).

Before Swimming classes

  • Avoid feeding your child right before swimming. Wait for 1.5h after feeding, just to minimize the risk of regurgitation or pooping.
  • It is recommended that you carry your child in a safety seat in the pool and shower areas.
  • Take a large towel to the pool, big enough to wrap around the child, so they feel warm and cozy.
  • Wash yourself well from head to toes without a swimming suit.
  • Remove jewelry: watches, necklaces etc. since they collect dirt.
  • Long hair should be tied up after shower or to use a shower cap.
  • Makeup should be removed before entering the pool.
  • All children attending baby swimming classes are required to have a wrestling styled swimsuit ( with suspenders and short legs).
  • All children under 3 years old are also required to wear a swimming diaper.
  • Move slowly in the shower and pool areas to avoid falling.
  • Use the sauna only after your swims. Do not throw water on the sauna stove when children are in the sauna.