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Pikku Delfiinit is a “Safe Baby and Family Swimming School” certified by the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Life-saving Federation. We are the first sport company to be honored to hold the Finnish key flag badge. We are very proud of this.

Starting from February 2021, we will continue swimming again and the company’s 24th year of operation can begin! Swimmers can learn important life-saving skills and those who wish to complete the official swimming badges of the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Life-saving Federation (SUH) can be completed!

Spring 2021 groups:
Baby Swimming – Baby Dolphins
Star Dolphins
Family Swimming School
Technique Group – Dolphin Diamonds

Prices from 78€/month. Log in and register:

Pikku Delfiinit -application now available!

Pikku Delfiinit launched their own application that the customer can download from Google Play or the Apple Store directly to their mobile device. In the application you will find the reservation system and swimming calendar!

10 reasons to go for Pikku Delfiinit

1. Seven swimming locations in the metropolitan area of Helsinki
2. Pikku Delfiinit – our 7 life rings – Pikkudelfiinit
3. Baby and sibling swims
4. Family swimming school
5. Dolphin Technical School for children swimming 12 meters
6. The most flexible Online booking system
7. The pool is for the class members only – no other swimmers in the pool during class – this rule applies to all of our swimming locations
8. Certified by the Finnish Swimming Education and Life Saving Association “Safe place for baby and family swimming”
9. Member of the Swimming Association
10. Family business

Pikku Delfiinit swimming places!



Baby swimming is meant for 3 months - 2 year olds and their parents (1-2 adults). The swimming happens in clean 32 degrees warm water with the guidance of a trained instructor.

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Family swimming

Family swimming is meant for 1-4 year olds, their siblings and parents joining (1-2 adults). In family swimming the aim is to learn the basics of swimming through different games and activities.

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Family swim school

Family swim school is aimed for 3-8 year olds and their parents (1-2 adults). The basic principle of our swim school is to offer the child an opportunity to improve his/her swimming ability alongside their parents.

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Delfiini´s technique

Delfiini´s technique group is for children that are able to swim 12 meters. The group meets 1 or 2 times a week in Allergiatalo. The groups aim is to perfect the swimming technique of your child, and teach them the basics of lifesaving.

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We are Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation certified swimming school with over 23 years of experience!


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