What does the Finnish Safe Teaching and Lifesaving Federation’s “Safe place for baby and family swimming” mean?

The “Safe place for baby and family swimming Diploma” awarded by SUH shows that our activities are evaluated by an external party. Our instructors are trained by the Finnish Swimming Education and Lifesaving Federation and receive further training on a regular basis. The water quality meets the criteria for baby swimming, the group size is right in terms of the cleanliness of the pool and the number of instructors. Finding our swimming school on this list is all about safety, reliability and expertise.

For how long do I commit when I register? How is it with the cancellations?

Pikku Delfiinit has a calendar month notice period. With us Pikku Delfiinit you can define the duration of your stay in advance. The minimum membership time is 1 month. Membership can be conveniently canceled in the online system and can be done well in advance or no later than a calendar month before the actual termination. Successful cancellation can be seen in your standard shifts on the tab.

How can I register to groups?

Pikku Delfiinit has an online system through which registration is convenient 24/7. A link to the online system can be found on our website or you can log in directly via the link:

What can be done if we need to skip a class?

The absence can be recorded in the online system and the stored absence can be used at any time during the validity of the membership. Absences can be recorded in the system no later than 1 minute before your own swimming class. The replacement class can be selected immediately from the pull-down menu, or saved for later use. The replacement menu is live and changes every 10 minutes or so with customer absence notices.

If we want to change from baby dolphins to e.g star dolphins – can we use the replacement classes recorded in baby dolphins used in the new group?

Yes you can! The absences recorded in the online reservation system can be used at any time during the validity of the membership.

Should our baby have a swimming diaper?

All children under 3 years of age must have a swimming diaper under their actual swimsuit. A large number of swimming places require the use of a diaper in our contracts for pool facilities.

What kind of swim suit should our baby have?

It would be good for the baby to have a wrestling suit-style swimsuit or an overall swim suit. That is, if an poop accident happens during a class then the trouser part of the swim suit can cover up the diaper. The fabric should be covering at the top of the swimsuit, which in turn makes it easier for the parent to handle the child in the pool.

In what time frame should I feed my child before the swim class begins?

1.5 hours before the swim class. This minimizes the risk of pooping. Also, swimming with a full stomach is not a pleasant experience for any of us.

How many groups swim in a pool during our class?

Pikku Delfiinit only has one group at a time in the pool – always. The number of instructors is dimensioned according to the number of customers.

Can siblings join Pikku Delfiinit baby swimming classes?

Unfortunately siblings cannot join Pikku Delfiinit baby swimming classes. We want to reassure that baby groups are only for babies and their parents. In Star Dolphins and Family Swimming School groups siblings can also join the classes!

What does it mean that we have “all seven swimming places in our use”?

You are free to transfer your regular swim class to any of our locations using the shift menu. If you wish, you can use all the swimming classes of the month, even in the same week – if you are on holiday for 3 weeks for example. Or you can save your absences and use them later during your membership.

How can I change my regular swim class time?

Regular shift change can be done conveniently in the online reservation system. Click on a new booking, and select the child to participate in the new time. The system will ask when you want to make the change and whether it is a new booking or whether the current regular shift will be changed to this new shift.

What does it mean to “complete swimming badges”?

Completing swimming badges with Pikku Delfiinit means that you can complete the official swimming badges of the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation in our swimming school. Badges can be completed in Family Swimming School as well as in the technique group – Diamond Dolphins. Swimming badges are exactly the same badges that we adults have completed when we were young: inc. primary badge, master, prime master etc…

Can we start Baby Swim Classes at a later age?

Absolutely! You can start at any age!

Can our child participate in Swimming competitions with Pikku Delfiinit?

Yes they can! Pikku Delfiinit is a member of the Finnish Swimming Association.