Family Swimming School

Family swimming school is aimed at children over 2.5 years of age (without the upper age limit) and their parents. The basic idea of ​​the swimming school is to offer children opportunities to develop swimming skills under the guidance of their own parent. The main goal of the family swimming school is to start with 10 meters and 25 meters. In our family swimming school you can complete the official swimming badges of the Finnish Swimming and Life Saving Federation.

What is Family Swimming School all about?

The family swimming school is not a traditional swimming school, the main idea is to support each child’s stage of development. Instructors enable in pools features and exercises that are important to your child at the moment. They will give you examples on how you can work together with your family in the best way possible to develop your child’s skills. This way each child has their own “private coach” in the pool (their own parent or even two). We do together during class plays and songs. Otherwise, we strive for each child to determine the pace of progress themselves. The instructors goes aroung during class, giving families different exercises. Every class has a theme what to follow. Changing weekly themes support your child’s path to acchieve good swimming skills. Whether a child can practice and actively listen for a minute or as much as 8 minutes each time depends on the child’s stage of development and the level of alertness of each day.

Family Swimming School introduces different swimming styles. It develops and strengthens motoric skills. In our Family Swimming School children have the opportunity to complete the official swimming badges of the Finnish Swimming and Life Saving Federation, such as e.g. primary, hobby and technical badges. (Swimming 10 meters in the primary badge and swimming 25-50 meters in the hobby badge).

While swimming, keep in mind “What our child enjoys the most right now!”

Price 102 € / month (+ possible sibling price from 40,80 € / month).