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Pikku Delfiinit is a “Safe Baby and Family Swimming School” certified by the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Life-saving Federation. We are the first sport company to be honored to hold the Finnish key flag badge. We are very proud of this.

With Pikku Delfiinit Swim Club swimmers can learn important life-saving skills and those who wish to complete the official swimming badges of the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Life-saving Federation (SUH) can be completed!

2022 groups:
Baby Swimming – Baby Dolphins
Star Dolphins
Family Swimming School
Technique Group – Dolphin Diamonds

Prices from 88€/month.

Pikku Delfiinit Application

Pikku Delfiinit -application now available!

Pikku Delfiinit launched their own application that the customer can download from Google Play or the Apple Store directly to their mobile device. In the application you will find the reservation system, swimming calendar and our digital learning environment!

Illustrator of the learning environment: Johanna Ristimäki

-Pikku Delfiinit is a member of
the Finnish Swimming Association-

We are Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation certified swimming school with 25 years of experience!