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Pikku Delfiinit swimming classes were a mega-win – literally. We happened to win swimming classes in a lottery and right from the first class it was clear that this was a new hobby for our family. Our family was lucky!

What is important for our daughters Mila, 1 year 9 months and Enny, 8 years old, is that when we have a “slower day” we can focus on just for diving in peace. Similarly, when we have an energetic day we do lots of stuff during class. Over all It feels like we can move forward in peace during classes and there is not too much rush in the group. The Pikku Delfiinit program is done like that the instructors know what is most important to us at each stage.

The fact that only one group is swimming in the pool during our swim class is an absolute must. It is a significant factor in the whole swimming experience. Also the instructors have time for us.

Enny was very excited when in the family swim classes she immediately got to complete the official swimming badges issued by the Finnish Swimming Education and Life Saving Association. This also was a positive surprise for us parents. It’s great that even for a older child, the instructors have plenty of time, and that’s how both girls have gotten a lot out of Pikku Delfiinit swim classes.

Swimming is our family’s main hobby and activity, and a really important weekly moment for the whole gang. It’s annoying if you sometimes have to miss a swim – even if it can be replaced smoothly and easily. Family swimming means an important moment together for us. In swimming, we are truly close to each other and get to spent precious time together.

When we visit beaches in the summer, the difference with children who do not go to swimming schools is clearly noticeable. The best part about bustling with water is that the child gets good skills for swimming. In addition, we have clearly seen how swimming also affects a child’s overall motor skills, even when bustling on dry land.

Talking to my acquaintances, we have found that many parents have an idea that you could not go for a baby swim or a family swim if you don’t like swimming pools yourself. I thought about it myself before, but as soon as we got to the pool for the first time, that prejudice broke down. A child’s joy definitely takes precedence over our own perhaps doubtful thoughts!

-Elisa -mom

Swimming is a precious time together for our family. For us, it’s not a performance-focused hobby, it’s a family-friendly thing.

Our family has been swimming together with the Pikku Delfiinit for 11 years. Swimming has been the first hobby for each of our three children.

The decision to go for a baby swim was clear to us as soon as we found out we were expecting Nea, now our 11-year-old daughter. The grandparents were also told about the firstborn by giving the grandfather swimming floats and announcing that he will get company for his swims. Grandpa hoped that the grandchildren would learn to enjoy the water and he encouraged us to swim.

Eight years ago, Joona was born, and he followed his sister into the pool. Our home is located by the sea and our cottage by the lake. With these two children who were both getting interested about water, it seemed important to be able to make sure that they had the proper skills to swim.

Swimming means for our family a precious time together. For us, it’s not a performance-focused hobby, it’s a family-friendly thing. When we enter the pool, we can only focus on being together.

The presence of parents and the fact that the child can experience parental security is certainly very essential for the development of our children. Water as an element creates a close and warm environment for a family moment together – a feeling no other hobby environment could offer.

Before the birth of our youngest, now 1.5-year-old Emilia, we stopped guided swimming classes for a while. We thought we would continue swimming only with the family, but we quickly realized how an essential part of the role of instructor was in our swimming experience. The presence of an instructor ensures us a sense of security. Pikku Delfiinit has more than twenty years of experience as an organizer of baby and family swimming. This ensures that instructors are up to date with their duties and are constantly trained with experts.

What is very important to us is that nothing is done by force in the pool; all progression and teaching takes place on the terms of the child and according to his/her development.

The swimming hobby that has started at an early age has made our children real water beasts: last summer, the elders were already trying water skiing.

With swimming, children have learned to spent time with us parents too. Swimming has made it easier for us to get to know other sports together also. For example, we go now climbing and downhill skiing together.

In addition to swimming, our eldest daughter has also practiced other sports, including scaffolding. Last fall, Nea began weekly supervised swimming classes with her own coach and one day she came to me and said: “Mom, now I have surely found my hobby”.

It made me feel so good – and I think my grandfather is very happy too! ”

-Kariitta Korpela