Current News

Swims will continue gradually!

Swim classes will continue at Allergiatalo and Kauniala from February 1, 2021!

Schedule Exceptions for Spring 2021:

All our locations are closed as follows:               

Easter 02.-05.04.2021 (Fri-Mon)

May Day 01.05.2021 (Sat)

Ascension day 13.05.2021 (Thu)

Whitsunday 23.05.2021 (Sun)

Corona news

17.12.2020: All of our locations are closed due to the restrictions set by Uusimaa corona work group. Swimming bill for December will be returned to our customers entirely. We will continue our swims normally after the Christmas break 11.01.2021. Swimming is safe, as the fall showed us: Pikku Delfiinit did not have a single corona transmission chain, not a singular customer or instructor set into quarantine between June-November! A thank you belongs to our responsible customers and instructors 🙂 

Corona guidelines
  • Swimming is allowed when you are healthy
  • Please use hand sanitizers, you can find them from the lobby areas
  • Social distance is important
  • Do not stay on the way of swim groups exits, please wait aside
  • Please remember to wear a mask in the lobby ares and in the changing rooms.

You are able to order an e-invoice from your online bank service after you have made one payment. In every invoice you are able to see the season the bill is for. We suggest you open the file attached to your email entirely, so you know for what month you are paying for. Please contact the office in case you have any questions relating to billing: