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Midday swims

Now you can also swim during middays at Pikku Delfiinit Center Hakaniemi during Wednesdays and Thursdays.


You can now book your summer swims through the online reservation system.

For more information click here.


The underwater photos will be taken by the photography service Molskis, from which website you can also browse photos after the photos are taken (the photos will be ready within a couple of weeks of the photoshoots).

There is no need to sign up for the photoshoots in advance, as all those who wish will be photographed during the swimming session. If you miss the photoshoot date of your own swimming location, you can use the replacement menu, depending on the situation, to change your swimming date to such a swimming location, where the photoshoots are still on their way. Pictures can be taken both underwater and above water.

Please note that the link to the ready-made images can easily end up in the spam e-mail as well. Schedule changes are possible. Photoshoot schedules can also be found from your profile under the green button “All announcements”, Information about possible schedule changes are also updated there.

Pikku Delfiinit are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year!

We especially want to thank our customers and instructors for all the past years as we head towards the next 25 years! We feel that the best thing about our work is the meaningfulness of our work.

Swimming skill is a doctrine of survival that carries through life – and we can never drum up too much of this!


All swimming locations are closed:

Easter 07.-10.04.2023
May Day 01.05.2023
Ascension Day 18.05.2023
Whitsun 28.05.2023
Please note that Itäkeskus swimming hall is also closed Sunday 30.04.2023

If you want to change your regular swimming day or cancel your membership, you can do so on your own profile 24/7. It is not possible to record absences from these pre-announced exception days.


You are able to order an e-invoice from your online bank service after you have made one payment. In every invoice you are able to see the season the bill is for. We suggest you open the file attached to your email entirely, so you know for what month you are paying for. Please contact the office in case you have any questions relating to billing: