Baby Swimming

The main purpose of a baby swim is to get the child used to water. This way the child learns to trust their own skills to survive independently in the water. The baby must weigh at least 5 kg to be able to maintain their own body warm in 32 degree warm water throughout the swimming session. Baby swimming can be started at any age, from 3 months up. There is no age limit for starting. The minimum age of 3 months is based on the fact that the baby’s time being awake is long enough for a swimming session.

Swim classes with Pikku Delfiinit progress in full respect to your child’s stage of development. Each child is tailored with their own learning path. The pace of progress is determined by your child’s temperament and we always listen to the child’s alertness. Once the child has gotten used to the water, we start diving exercises. Also the child’s deep muscle and nervous system starts to develop.

The goal is for a child under 2 years old to survive in the water for a short time without any actual swimming skills. In baby swimming, we also start training life-saving skills. In the final stages of baby swimming (before the age of 2 years) the goal is to dive for 5-6 seconds, so that the child can cope with unexpected situations in the water without any worry.

While swimming, keep in mind “What our child enjoys the most right now!
For new customers, the introduction price of €88/month is valid in the baby dolphins group for the first 3 months, after which the normal price is €98/month.

Case “Vuosaari”

One family had been our customers for some time. One Thursday evening, the family’s father had been stressed by the pool about the family’s busy schedule. Father was also annoyed to pay the monthly payment for the family’s swimming hobby. It was a so-called “bad day”.

Father and the swimming instructor had a good discussion by the pool, during a swimming session. The instructor and father had a discussion about how important swimming skills are for children. The following week, the family’s father came with his child to swimming lessons. The father told the instructor how their 3-year-old swimmer had fallen into the Uutela canal in Vuosaari, Helsinki, and survived with the swimming skills the child had.

As a result, Father thought that swimming was not anymore worth the stress, and he didn’t mind the monthly fee either. He understood that there was a real need for swimming skills and in this case, it had saved the child’s life.

Swimming is doctrine of survival that will carry throughout the life!

Dive in!