7 life rings

Pikku Delfiinit introduces its’ 7 life rings.

1. Swimming skill is a doctrine of survival

Swimming skill is a doctrine of survival, which importance is weighed in the moment of need. The skills learned during our lessons are paramount in the event of an emergency. For example, if a child accidentally falls from the pier into the water, it is important that in addition to the action of adults, the child has also practiced certain skills; such as how to stay calm in an emergency situation.

Investing into your child’s swimming skill is a lifelong gift that won’t be weaken by age. In fact swimming skill is constantly evolving through out your child’s whole life.

Our goal is that you as parents will become the best swimming teachers for your child. We provide an opportunity and platform to learn. There are certain goals that are important to achieve. Every lesson begins with a warm-up circle. After that children and their parents learn independently according to their own interests. Our trained swimming instructors support the learning.

2. One group at a time in a pool

If the child does not have enough space to practise and swim their developement would be light. In all of our lessons, there is only one group in a pool at a time and the swimmers are able to use the entire pool in private through out the lesson.

3. Safe enviroment for swimming

We are a partner of the Finnish Swimming Education and Lifesaving Association (SUH). We are a member of the Finnish Swimming Association. We have been awarded with “Safe place for Swimming” -diploma. This diploma guarantees that our instructors are properly trained, the water quality meets the criteria and the groups are right sized.

4. Badge achievements

As a member of Pikku Delfiinit, your child can complete the swimming badges issued by the Finnish Swimming Education and Life Saving Association. You can also continue completing these swimming badges later, for example, at school or in other activities.

5. Flexible options for compensation

We offer our customers a flexible options for compensation or flexible exchange options for swimming lessons. By downloading the Pikku Delfiinit – app from your appstore, you can manage

your membership easily, without having to call anywhere. You can cancel or change your booked swimming lessons in the app even one minute before the lesson begins. You can re-use your canceled lesson at any time by booking the replacement through the app. This way, you will not miss a lesson, even if you or your child gets sick on the same day you would have a swimming lesson.

6. Your child’s own swimming path

Every child has its own needs and interests. Your child is able to build his/her learning path at his/her own pace according to his/her interests. Our lessons have certain themes, but it is allowed that a child can focus on those matters that intrests him/her. Our swimming instructor and the adult accompanying the child will monitor and support the child’s development. The child is allowed to try new things and take steps forward at his/her own pace. Learning with a group works as a good incentive!

7. Equality

All swimmers are equal regardless of age, gender, nationality, language, appearance, family relationships or anything else. A mother, father, grandparent, godparent, or anyone who’s close to the child is welcome to join our swimming lessons. The most important thing is the child’s joy and that he/she enjoys water as an element. The presence of two adults is not a necessity for our lesson. Our swimming instructors are skilled in languages. Everybody is welcome to Pikku Delfiinit!